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Why We Do What We Do

My name is Whitney Ponder.  I am married to Chad Ponder and together we have quite the large, beautifully blended family of 6 kids who have acquired 4 spouses/fiancees/SO's and 1 granddaughter who is the princess of the family!  While I am a kitty girl all the way, Chad has always been a dog guy, so we have two (very sweet) puppies - a Yorkiepoo and a Yorkie - named Bear and Cookie.  However as the saying goes, happy wife, happy life, and now we have a whole home full of kitties (and Chad loves them too).

I have had several different breeds of cats in my lifetime, but fell in love with the Maine Coon's loyal, humorously naughty, and cuddly personality.  I just love spending an afternoon with my giant kitty, Thor, snoozing next to me like a warm security blanket. 

I have dedicated my efforts to producing, big, strong, healthy, cheeky kittens with lots of heart and that fierce, untamed Maine Coon appearance.  I want to share our kittens with the world because I believe that Maine Coons are the best of the best in the cat world.

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